At the Aylesbury Vale Prostate Cancer Support Group we all have at least one thing in common – we’ve all had prostate cancer and we’ve all survived thanks to a variety of treatments. We are here to help men, their partners and families at a time when they are worried about prostate cancer. Our group includes Health Care Professionals and we have links with other support groups, specialist charities and the wider medical profession so that we can offer you greater help. 

Contact us because – when you first discover that you have prostate cancer it’s a massive shock to you and your family. It’s a time when you will probably feel reluctant to talk about this potentially life changing condition. You could get a lot of comfort from talking to a man who is living with his cancer or one who has had treatment and been cured. Our first priority is to provide support and comfort, based on personal experiences, to men who have been recently diagnosed with or have had prostate cancer. We aim to raise awareness of the consequences of prostate cancer and, just as importantly, to encourage partners and families to appreciate how necessary it is that they support menfolk in seeking advice. 

We treat everything you talk about in the strictest confidence and you can have as much or as little contact with our Group as you wish. Phone us, talk to us on a one to one basis or come and share a meal and fellowship at one of our quartlerly meetings. 

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