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Our group goes back to 2006 when the inaugural meeting was held at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The first meeting had three attendees! These few hardy souls at that time but had one thing in common – they were prostate cancer patients. Along with Joe Kearney, our Clinical Nurse Specialist, the Haddenham Support Group was inaugurated . Shortly after the Chiltern Support Group was founded based on High Wycombe and the newly founded Aylesbury Group and ourselves became ‘ sub- groups’ within that larger organisation.

Very soon we had a thriving number of local members as word spread, and we moved regular meetings to a local pub. Our members soon came from further afield , as far as Berkhamsted and Leighton Buzzard. As time went on, we needed bigger meeting premises and moved to the Thame Football Partnership venue.

In 2012, a local support group based in Aylesbury found it could no longer sustain a membership and we decided to rename ourselves to better represent our catchment area, and absorb the remaining members form Aylesbury. We became Aylesbury Vale Prostate Cancer Support Group. At the same time we put ourselves on a firmer footing by becoming a separate entity from the Chiltern group, with their support, remaining closely connected through mutual membership.  

Soon after we became partner members of Prostate Cancer UK, and we have developed close links with the Prostate Cancer Support Federation. We have some 70 members and intend keeping going as long as there are prostate cancer patients who need us!